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Cleo Zografos

Clinical Research Coordinator

Cleo Zografos graduated from the University of Delaware in 2022 with an M.A. in Cognitive Science and Linguistics. Additionally, she received her B.S. in Cognitive Science and B.A. in Psychology in 2021. Currently, Cleo is a Clinical Research Coordinator at the FTD Center focusing on the ALLFTD study, where she screens and schedules research activities with patients with FTD-related disorders, including neuropsychological assessments, MRI, and biofluid processing. Her previous research experience included working in the Child's Play, Learning, and Development Lab at the University of Delaware, as a research assistant where she analyzed speech, coded, and organized research that facilitated the expansion of knowledge in child development. Cleo also worked at another center on a study that analyzed infants' vision and preferences through an eye-tracking device.

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