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Laynie Dratch ScM, CGC

Genetic Counselor


Laynie Dratch is a genetic counselor who joined the Penn FTD Center team in February 2020. She helps families with FTD and related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), navigate genetic testing options through research and clinical encounters. She helps individuals and families adapt to and cope with their diagnoses, and is a resource for all genetics questions. Laynie graduated summa cum laude from Colgate University with a BA in neuroscience and a minor in psychology. She completed her master’s in genetic counseling at the Johns Hopkins University / National Institutes of Health training program. Her graduate thesis work included a qualitative study of the lived experiences of individuals with or at risk of developing FTD. Laynie sees patients both at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital, and is involved in many of our FTD Center research studies.  To schedule a clinical genetic counseling visit, call 215-662-3606 and request “neurogenetics.”

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