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Naomi Nevler MD

Research Assistant Professor


Naomi Nevler is  a 2004 graduate of the Sourasky School of Medicine in Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Israel. In 2015 she completed her residency in Neurology at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center. Dr. Nevler’s experience treating patients who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders has led her to join Dr. Grossman’s lab at the Penn FTD Center with the intention of  specializing in the field of Behavioral Neurology. Her current research topic is the prosodic changes in the speech of people with neurodegenerative related conditions such as FTD and PPA. Prosody refers to the elements of speech such as speech rate, pauses and intonations that work in synergy with the linguistic content to express specific emotional messages. The research is aimed at developing novel algorithms for automated speech analysis, in the hope of establishing a reliable clinical biomarker for FTD.

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